Home Groups

Home Group - Albox / Aljambra

A New Home Group which will cater for people from the Albox and surrounding area will be at the home of Janetta and Len Causton which is near  Albox. This will be   on Tuesday afternoons from 3p.m.  Please phone Janetta if you would like further details and directions on 661 575606


The Housegroup of Llanos Church are now meeting in member's homes again, same time, 11am on Tuesdays. The studies will take on a varied approach to learning more from the scriptures, both Old and New Testament in a relaxed and informal time together. We welcome new members from Llanos church to join with us. If you need a list of venues please contact William or Margie."

Margie's email address   Margie.gall@hotmail.com

Richard's email address  rich.gall@hotmail.com

If you would like to be part of a Home Group and are prepared to help out in this way, we have resources available and an experienced leader willing to help you get started. Bearing in mind that meetings are held in peoples’ homes, the optimum group size would be between 6-10 people.  Any more, and seating becomes a problem in most homes.