Aljambra Lenten Lunch

After the regular  Aljambra Chapel Thursday Eucharist on the 28th March, the lunch took the form of a Lent meal- one of 5 being held throughout the Chaplaincy during Lent. That is soup, water, bread & fruit.

33 members from all 3 of the churches sat down to a choice of 4 soups which provided everybody with the problem of “which do I have next?” the bread – all homemade was enlivened by the addition of Unleavened bread from a recipe taken from the Bible- 1Kings ch17 v10-16 all made by Val who also provided a soup, the other 3 from Ann & Jean.

The comment from all was GREAT! Our thanks go to all who help make this work.

   Lenten Lunch   Lenten Lunch

   Lenten Lunch

      Article and photographs by John Cooper