Prayer Diary for June

Sat , 1st , Service & Meal at Llanos celebrating Fr Alan’s 50 years since ordination , Thank God for the work                  and dedication of Fr Alan  

Sun , 2nd , 7th Sunday of Easter – Sunday after Ascension Day , All who live in the area of and/or worship                     at Llanos del Peral  

Mon , 3rd , Martyrs of Uganda (1885-7, 1977) , All who suffer for their faith  

Tue , 4th ,  Petroc, abbot, 6th cent , Church Finances and our Treasurer  

Wed , 5th , Boniface, bishop & Martyr (754) , The Ministry Team of this Chaplaincy  

Thu , 6th ,  The work of Asadis, the local children’s charity  

Fri , 7th ,    Mojacar Moors & Christians weekend , All who are here on holiday or for the festivities  

Sat , 8th ,   Summer Fair in Mojacar , The fundraising team and all involved in this special event  

Sun , 9th ,   Pentecost / Evensong at Aljambra , That, like the early Church, we may be filled with the Holy                      Spirit on this very special Day  

Mon , 10th , The Iona Community  

Tue , 11th ,   Barnabas the Apostle , Carers in the Community  

Wed , 12th , The work of the Mission to Seafarers  

Thu , 13th ,   Eucharist at Aljambra , The Newly married and those planning marriage  

Fri , 14th ,    Young people in our Chaplaincy  

Sat , 15th ,   Evelyn Underhill – Writer 1941 , Christian Authors and Writers  

Sun , 16th ,   Trinity Sunday , Those on the Church Coffee Rota  

Mon , 17th ,  The Homeless & Hungry, and the work of the Food Banks in the area  

Tue , 18th ,   The work of Study Buddies in Thailand  

Wed , 19th ,  The work of The Gideons & all who try to make the Bible available to others  

Thu , 20th ,   Corpus Christi , Our need to grow new worshipping communities in Roquetas and other parts of                      the Chaplaincy  

Fri , 21st ,     The Sick and Housebound  

Sat , 22nd ,   Alban, 1st Martyr of Britain , All who risk their lives in service of Christ  

Sun , 23rd ,   1st Sunday of Trinity , Those who read lessons or lead prayers in Church  

Mon , 24th ,   Birth of John the Baptist , That we recall & remain true to our Baptism vows  

Tue , 25th ,   All those leaving school, college or University  

Wed , 26th , The Queen, King Filipe and their respective families  

Thu , 27th ,   Cyril, Bp of Alexandria & Teacher, 444 Eucharist and Lunch at Aljmabra , Those who live                               and/or worship in Almanzora Valley  

Fri , 28th ,    Irenaeus, Bp, Teacher, c 200.  / Country n Curry at Kath & John’s  , Teachers and all involved                        in education  

Sat , 29th ,   Peter & Paul Apostles , All who seek to spread the Gospel  

Sun , 30th ,   2nd Sunday of Trinity , All who live in the area of and/or worship at Mojacar