Weddings in Spain all require a civil ceremony first at which the couple become husband and wife in the eyes of Spanish law.
     This civil marriage requires at least one of the couple to have Spanish residency. Even when this is the case, it is not easy to proceed – you will certainly need a person who is a fluent Spanish speaker to make the arrangements with the local Ayuntamiento (Town Hall).
     If neither of the couple fall into the above category than a civil ceremony is necessary in a UK Registry Office or in Gibraltar. Before proceeding with a church service, we need to see your marriage certificate.

     For this we follow the Order of Service authorised by the Church of England of which we in this Diocese in Europe are a part. It is a Christian ceremony in which the a newly married couple dedicate their marriage to God. The service, in English, has much in common with the marriage service, but the couple clearly re-affirm the vows made in the Civil Ceremony. In short, we can promise you a memorable and enjoyable service.  There are parts of the service which are mandatory but plenty of opportunity for innovation too.  We take a lot of trouble in preparing for, and conducting such a service, and will try to accommodate your particular requests if at all possible.

In almost all cases we will arrange a rehearsal a day or two before the service to ensure that all goes well on the day.
Here are some points you will need to consider –


FIXING THE DATE: Please contact us as soon as you can to ensure that the date and time are possible and put in our diary. Do not presume we can do any date or time you book with a reception venue.     We suggest that if your service is between June and September, you avoid the middle of the day as it can be well over 40 degrees – and we don’t want people fainting! You should avoid between 11.00 and 5.00.


     Most couples like to have a personalised printed service. It is usual to include the words of any hymns you may wish to have sung as well. PLEASE let us see the draft before you get these printed – we are more likely to spot mistakes.

VENUE: Near Mojacar Playa Usually, the service will take place in a Church building – our own churches near Mojacar or at Llanos de Peral or at Aljambra (near Albox) are readily available.  By arrangement a local Roman Catholic church can be used.     If it is not to be in a church we shall need to satisfy ourselves that it is possible to create an atmosphere which is conducive to an act of Christian worship. 


THE COST: At present the basic cost for a service of Marriage Blessing is 400 euros. To this needs to be added 50 euros for organist if you require one and a further 50 euros for travel if the venue is a considerable distance from where we live. We ask that you will pay this sum in euros at the rehearsal.  If the person paying is also a UK taxpayer, then we invite you to gift-aid your donation which gives us a further 25% without any extra cost to you.  We will provide a special envelope for you to do this.

 PHOTOGRAPHS & VIDEOS: are welcome to organise a photographer /Videographer.  But please only ONE photographer during the ceremony itself. If a VIDEO is being made this can be a separate person. It is best if such a person were to come to the rehearsal if at all possible. Photos on this page courtesy of


     It is customary to spend some time in preparing for married life! We are happy to help with this, but this is not so easy here in Spain when those concerned do not live here permanently, You could prepare by reading: The 60 minute marriage by Rob Parsons (Very easy practical book to read with end of the chapter summaries for non-readers!) or another marriage preparation book, or make an arrangement for preparation at your local parish church in England.  Please remember we are here to support you in any way we can.