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The Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria & Costa Calida.

“The Owl” - Chaplaincy NEWSLETTER

15th October 2017                 18th Sunday after Trinity. 

For many are called, but few are chosen”. 

Matthew 22, verse 14. 



A warm welcome is offered to all attending any of the services in the churches of this Chaplaincy. 

We offer a special welcome to any visitors and newcomers and we hope the information on the back page will help you locate somebody in authority to make you feel welcome and answer any questions you may have. Please join us in fellowship for a tea/coffee/soft drink after the service wherever that might be. 

Hymns at Mojacar       


O Jesus I have promised to serve thee to the end; 


All my hope on God is founded; he doth still my trust renew. 


We have a gospel to proclaim. 


Father we adore you, lay our lives before you. How we love you! 


Give me joy in my heart, keep me praising. 


Introduction and Call to Worship 

We gather as those called and welcomed into the presence of the living God through the grace of the Son. Let us respond to this wonderful invitation by offering ourselves in worship. 


Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us your gift of faith that, forsaking what lies behind and reaching out to that which is before, we may run the way of your commandments and win the crown of everlasting joy; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen 

Today’s Readings  

                                         First Reading Exodus 32:1-14 

As Moses pleads for mercy on the faithless Israelites’ sacrifice to other gods, the Lord responds to Moses’ faith in God’s covenant promise to bless and multiply Abraham’s descendants. 


                                       Second Reading Philippians 4:1-9 

Paul urges Christians to direct their hearts and minds to maintaining an active faith in Christ by every means – resolving quarrels, praying, expressing trust and focusing on all that is good. 


                                            Gospel Matthew 22:1-14 

Jesus presents God’s response to Israel’s refusal to honour the Son. He extends an invitation. All are now welcome at the kingdom celebrations. 


Introduction to the Peace 

Jesus brings a peace beyond understanding to hearts that are open to him. We welcome this precious gift and share his peace with one another, expressing our unity as his people. The peace of the Lord… 


Post Communion Prayer:   

We praise and thank you, O Christ, for this sacred feast: for here we receive you, here the memory of your passion is renewed, here our minds are filled with grace, and here a pledge of future glory is given, when we shall feast at that table where you reign with all your saints for ever. Amen 



And now may the Father enfold you in mercy, the Son encourage you in love, and the presence of the Spirit enliven you. And the blessing of God almighty… 


Our search for a new Priest The interviews went well and we chose the person we felt would be an asset for our church and its ministry. The next step was a formal visit to see the chaplaincy, this happened earlier this week and the candidate has accepted the post.  Before we can give you further details, some paperwork has to be completed and a joint announcement can then be made to all our churches, and the one the priest is leaving. This should take about two weeks. 

We looking for a person or group of people willing to go on a rota to supervise and inspire any children during the sermon and up to the giving and receiving of communion. Anyone willing to undertake this role must be willing to accept a safeguarding check being executed. -Pam Carter

Christmas Fair.  This year’s fair will be on the 2nd of December. There will be a meeting for all stall holders and anyone interested in helping out or with ideas to promote the fair at Pam Carter’s home on the 24th of October at 2.00 p.m. -Tony Noble. 

Harmony Fair We are having a stall at the Harmony Fair in Zurgena on Saturday 21st October between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. This is mainly to promote our church’s presence in this part of Spain. If anyone can spare an hour or so to help man the stall please contact Tony Noble. 

Church Rota I will be preparing the rota for readers, intercessors and sides persons shortly and would be grateful if you would be prepared to participate again or volunteer.  Please send me dates when you are unavailable during November, December and January, if possible by Monday 16 October, by email    Thank you for your help. -Robena Dore 

UK Currency. If you have any UK money, be advised that the one pound coin and the five pound note have been changed to a newer design. The ten pound note will also be withdrawn shortly. UK banks will honour them but shops will not accept them. 

A prayer for this week.  O Lord I know you have a plan for me. I pray for the direction to follow it, patience to wait for it and the knowledge to know it when it comes. 

A thought for this week. God’s purpose for us is here and now. It’s face to face with us every day. It’s with the people around us. It’s in the skills and passions God gave us. It’s in the places we find ourselves. Our purpose is to live each day where God wants us, and in the way God tells us. And finally, a motto, My Life Guard Walks On Water. 



Priests                               Rev. Canon Alan Bennett.            678 02 29 86. 

                Rev. Keith Kimber                      603 65 91 39. 


Church Warden            Pam Carter.     667 947 573. 



Church Warden            Tony Noble.           950 092 096 / 634 303 807 



Secretary to the Church Council       Cath Price



Services next week. 

Sunday              22nd October  11.00 a.m.    Llanos      Eucharist 

Sunday              22nd October  11.00 a.m.    Mojacar    Eucharist 

Thursday           26th October  11.00 a.m.    AljambraEucharist 


On Duty next Sunday at Mojacar Church 

Sides persons -  Peter & Christine Sunshine 

Readers             Ron Makin.    Exodus 20. 1-4, 7-9, 12-20.

                         Gill Makin.     Philippians 3. 4b - 14. 

Intercessor       Robena Dore 



THE WEBPAGE:  www.    Webmaster: Robert Carson. 


FACEBOOK PAGES: “Anglican Church of Mojacar” and “Anglican Church, Llanos del Peral”.  

THE ARBOLEAS FORUM:  There are pages on this website covering Mojácar, Llanos del Peral and Aljambra churches  


Pastoral Care.  If you personally or anyone you are aware of, requires pastoral care please refer this to a Church Warden who will pass this on to a member of our worship team.-Pam Carter 

Please note, submit items for inclusion in to the “Owl” to the Church Wardens, details above.  You can contact the editor by email at