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Flower Festival ( first published in the Sol Times on 6th June 2017)

Our recent Flower Festival was amazing.  So many lessons to be learnt from it.  Amid all the hard work, there was necessarily some disappointment as some of those who’d promised arrangements and support, for various reasons were unable to deliver.  But more amazing perhaps were those who unexpectedly brought arrangements they hadn’t promised or turned up each day to  give their time and energy to help in preparation, serving at the café or one of the stalls or clearing up at the end of each day, not looking for thanks, but simply enjoying being a part of it all.


And of course this is a common experience of life.  We often feel ‘let down’ by others and regularly find ourselves dwelling on the resultant disappointment rather than recognising and rejoicing in the unexpected support so frequently offered by others.


In Matthew 28, Jesus tells a lovely and quite typical story or a man who asks his two sons to give him a hand in his vineyard.  The first, he tells us declined, having more important alternative personal matters to attend, but later, on reflection, he changes his mind and goes to help his father.  The second son, on the other hand, enthusiastically agrees to help, but for whatever reason, he never actually got there.  So Jesus asks his audience which of the two sons actually helped his father and of course all responded that it was the first, the one who’d initially refused, recognising that words are easy and it’s what we do, rather than what we say that counts.  It’s easy, Jesus explains to his audience, for us to be all ‘Churchy’ and religious, but completely let God down, whilst others, who have no outward religion, may actually, like the first son in his story, be more inclined to do his will.


So let’s remember that it’s actions, rather than words that matter, and learn to rejoice in and be grateful for, the unexpected blessings in our lives, rather than bemoaning the disappointments and negatives we all experience.

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