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Pause for Thought - Can you help?

From Duncan Burr

You may have noticed that things have slowed down a touch with Sol Times, due to the fact that they seem to have given up on ‘Pause for Thought’ and speaking to them on the telephone, I keep getting a series of excuses like “there wasn’t space last week”, or “we’re trying to increase news items”, but I’m getting the impression is that they don’t feel a Christian input is popular with readers.  Certainly one comment has been that “Nobody else seems to have noticed that this item has been missing the past few weeks”.

So, whilst I’m not really looking for more work and am quite enjoying the relaxation from not having to think of items alternate weeks and publishing deadlines, I am wondering what those who read it on the Church website feel and whether some would like to write to Sol Times to make comment, along lines of either “Thank goodness you’ve stopped printing that rubbish!” or “what’s happened to Pause for Thought as I used to enjoy reading it?”

So would it be helpful, if you miss the article, that you write to either or or preferably both, expressing your concern about the non-appearance of the article.